Meezan Bank Bans Netflix Payments, People are really upset

For non-Islamic activities please use other banks as Meezan Bank bans payments for Netflix subscribers. The Meezan Bank customers are really upset.

Meezan Bank call center representatives are confirming their customers that their “shariah board” has taken the decision to prohibit any kind of payments to websites like Netflix.

The board has raised its objection to the available contents on Netflix.

Meezan Bank was previously allowing the payment but it has restricted the Netflix payments for about a week now. The decision has been taken and already implemented.

The bank has said nothing on resuming back the banned service, the customers who were relying on Meezan Bank for Netflix payment has to look for other alternatives now.

There is a mix reaction from people some are really upset while many have praised the decision and step taken by Meezan Bank for banning NetFlix payments.

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Here is how one reacted.

The funny thing is Meezan bank has stopped Netflix payments Matlab sood halal ha Netflix haram ha :p

Here is what Moeed Prizada, TV Anchor, Columnist & Blogger, has tweeted:

Meezan Islamic Bank should be declared “Mullah Bank of the Mullahs, by the Mullahs for the Mullahs” Very Disappointing news item if true for a bank to behave this way

People React To Moeed Pirzada

People are not happy with Moeed Pirzada though. Here are some of the reactions from the people.

what is disappointing is your remarks actually. It is an Isamic bank and has the right to refuse payments for what it sees as contravening to the principles that it is built on. Good news if its true!

You should be ashamed of yourself for calling teachings of Islam Mullah. If you don’t like it then don’t go to Meezan go to some other bank that provide you with ease in Haram.

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Good step Meezan Bank !!! There is not a single video on NETFLIX which is Shariah compliant so why should Meezan allow payments? Pls don’t poke your nose everywhere especially the areas where you don’t have any expertise.

Mullahs are far better than you, living their lives on a few thousand a months. I bet money greedy like you don’t care about haram. Between, what do you think you are? Economist or a scholar? Or just one who rants every evening for one-hour w/o doing anything productive 4 society

Right Thing To Do

Yes, Meezan Bank has Banned NetFlix payments and people are upset. The Sharia Board took the step. They did what they thought was right.

Netflix lovers have to go find an alternate way. It will be little trouble but not a big issue.

There are all sorts of reactions coming from people, but let’s all respect the decisions of others. We live in a society where we have every possible option to do whatever we want to choose.

One door closed surely those who want to will find ten other doors

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