Multan Man Ajmal In Police Custody For Killing Nine People

MULTAN: Multan man Ajmal is in police custody for killing nine people in the name of honor.

An anti-terrorism court has remanded Mohammad Ajmal and his father into police custody for seven days.

Third suspect, brother of Ajmal is still at large and police are searching for him.

The accused Multan man is held for killing nine people of the same family on Sunday. Among those killed include his wife and three children.

The incident in the name of honor took place in Multan on Sunday.

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What Had Happened

Mohammad Ajmal worked in Saudi Arabia as a tailor, he suspected his wife was having an affair. Therefore he returned and killed nine people.

He had an argument with his father-in-law at his in-laws’ house. Ajmal had come with his father Zafar and brother Ashmal.

The argument got heated up and he opened fire killing four on the spot. The four killed were his wife Kiran, mother-in-law and two sisters-in law.

The father-in-law and brother-in-law were also injured.

After killing four he set the house on fire, which took life of five more people, including his own three children.

While feeling he opened fire at the people who had gathered out side and injured two more, a woman and a child.

The in-laws’ house was located near Khanewal Road in Hassanabad.

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Imran Mehmood, a District Police Officer  Multan has said Ajmal has made confession to the killings. He also said Ajmal had seen his wife’s photo with another man and believed she was having an affair, and he doesn’t repent.

Kiran’s brother Ali Raza has said that his sister had moved back to Pakistan due to marital issues. He also said his entire family is gone, he has now, only his father with him.

According to Human Rights Group, hundreds of women and girls are killed in Pakistan in the name of honor.

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