NCC Meeting: PM Imran Khan against another lockdown

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan while talking to the media after the National Coordination Committee (NCC Meeting) said that lockdown was not the answer or the cure to the coronavirus pandemic.

NCC meeting
Prime MInister Imran Khan says he is against another lockdown at a media briefing after the NCC meeting held today.

While addressing the media after the NCC meeting, PM Imran said that lockdown is going to be eased as the country did not have the resources to sustain economic losses for long periods.

He further pointed out that the lockdown was imposed when there were only a few people detected with the virus but he knew that it was not going to work as the situation here was very different than China or European countries.

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The premier pointed out that there were over 25 million labourers who were affected by the lockdown and their families will starve if they are unable to work.

He further said that the lockdown only helps stop the spread of the coronavirus but it is no way a permanent solution of cure and even foreign countries are now beginning to realize that.

According to the prime minister, the upper class citizen don’t analyze things from all perspectives and can’t imagine how the poor suffer during a lockdown when they have no means of income.

The only way to curb the spread of the virus falls in the hands of the public who need to follow precautionary measures and the standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the government according to the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

If people do not follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) or take the proper precautionary measures, there are going to be serious consequences, said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Prime Minister also announced that all Pakistani nationals stranded abroad will be allowed to return home as he was worried about the labourers stuck in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Upon returning, all of them will be tested and if found positive, they will be asked to quarantine themselves

Speaking about the tourism industry the premier mentioned that the government is going to be revising the sector as many people depend on jobs on the tourism sector especially in regions like Gilgit Baltistan and surrounding areas.

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