NCOC issues new SOPs for Ramadan 2021

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has issued new standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the month of Ramadan 2021 to control the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

SOPs Ramadan 2021, Ramadan 2021, NCOC
NCOC issues new SOPs for Ramadan 2021.

A special meeting of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) was held on 13 April 2021 to review the current COVID-19 situation across the country and it was decided to implement new standard operating procedures (SOPs) keeping in mind the “the host of religious and cultural activities in the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak.”

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The following SOPs were issued by the NCOC for the holy month of Ramadan 2021:

  • Implementation of broader lockdowns with stringent enforcement protocols based on risk assessment. No mobility will be allowed except emergences.
  • Saturday and Sunday will be observed as closed days at national level (safe days will be re-worded / pronounced as closed days).
  • Market timings will be from Sehr till 6:00 pm less essential services (Groceries, medical stores and petrol pumps etc).
  • All kind of gatherings (indoor and outdoor) banned to include social, cultural, political, sports and miscellaneous events.
  • Closure of all type of indoor dining. Outdoor dining will be allowed from Iftar till mid night i.e 11:59 pm with strict COVID SOPs: takeaways will be allowed Provincial / District administration to focus on strict implementation.
  • Taraveeh prayers to be organized in open spaces as far as possible. Civil administration at every tier to engage ulemas and community leaders for assistance in enforcement of COVID SOPs during Ramadan UI Mubarak.
  • Complete closure of cinemas and shrines will continue to be enforced.
  • Complete ban on contact sports, festivals, cultural and other events.
  • Complete closure of amusement parks, however. walking i jogging tracks will remain open with strict adherence of COVID SOPs.
  • 50 % work from home policy will continue (including all public I private office).
  • Intercity public transport to operate at 50 % of capacity.
  • Ban on inter provincial public transport on two closed days (Saturday & Sunday) will continue to be enforced till mid night 25/26 April 2021.
  • Stringent protocols for tourism in GB, KP and AJK along with tourist places elsewhere. Sentinel testing sites at entry points selected locations be established.
  • Rail travel to operate at 70 % of capacity and Railway to operate additional trains to avoid overcrowding r manage increased passenger load during the month of Ramadan UI Mubarak
  • Aggressive administrative drive for compliance to masks wearing through community level I media awareness campaign.
  • Civil administration and police to institute a robust monitoring and NPIs enforcement mechanism through constituting dedicated teams at District / Tehsil level.

This is a copy of the notification issued by the NCOC regarding SOPs for Ramadan 2021:

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