New Mianwali Express Inaugurated [Latest Images]

RAWALPINDI – The latest images of Mianwali Express (175 UP) on the inauguration day received. The new train will run from Rawalpindi to Mianwali and Main wali to Rawalpindi CANTT station.


Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed addressing inauguration ceremony of Rawalpindi-Mianwali train in Islamabad. PM Imran Khan is also present on the occasion.


New Railcar Mianwali Express is one of the two new trains to be started on 14th September 2018 by Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed as he took the office.

Mianwali Express (176 DN) Timings

Departure 1800 hrs from Rawalpindi to Mainwali and Arrival 2300 hrs at Kundian

Mainwali Express (175 UP) Timings

Departure 700 hrs from   Kundian to Mianwali and Arrival 1200 hrs at Rawalpindi CANTT Station.

Mr.Rasheed also mentioned Moen Jo Daro express in media talks, which will be in service from Rohri to Sukkur via Dadu/Sewan route soon.

Mianwali Express is now operational now. congratulations to all train lovers.



Mianwali Express Inaugurated [Latest Images]


Images are courtesy of P.R Pakistan Railway Facebook Page. 

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