Nine new coronavirus patients brings Pakistan total to 16

Nine new coronavirus cases have emerged in Karachi now bringing the total cases of the novel coronavirus in Pakistan to 16 a few hours after the fifth confirmed case in Sindh.

Coronavirus Pakistan Zafar Mirza Patients Pakistan PSL 2020
Dr Zafar Mirza confirms nine new cases of coronavirus in Pakistan bringing country’s total to 16.

The news was confirmed by Dr Zafar Mirza last night who took to Twitter to report the new cases and also mentioned that these new cases were contacts of one of the already confirmed cases.

However, the Health and Population Welfare Department of Sindh also came to Twitter with a different statement updating and confirmed that these new cases were not contacts of an already confirmed case but had arrived in Pakistan recently.

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According to their tweet, six of the patients came from the same flight while three of them came from a different one.

According to reports, six of the new patients had arrived from Syria via Doha while the other three came from London via Dubai.

This now brings the total cases of coronavirus in Pakistan to 16 and everyone is under treatment while the first patient Yayha Jafri has recovered and is now discharged from the hospital.

In related news, Sindh Health department is now proposing a ban of public events like the Pakistan Super League (PSL 2020) and even extending school holidays that were announced till 13 March 2020 in amid these new coronavirus cases in Pakistan.

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