Pakistan Army will be deployed in Islamabad in current COVID-19 situation

ISLAMABAD: With the prevailing situation of COVID-19, Pakistan Army will be deployed in Islamabad.

The Government of Pakistan Ministry of Interior exercising its powers conferred under Article 246 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Section 131A of CrPC has authorized the deployment of troops of Pakistan Army in the Islamabad Capital Territory.

The number and strength of the troop will be worked out by the ICT Administration in liaison with the Army authorities in connection with the prevailing situation to the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus Islamabad

Due to the rising number in the coronavirus throughout the country, a number of steps have been taken to control the situation.

To curb the COVID-19 spread, the preventive measures suggested for the people of Pakistan are keeping proper hygiene habits, social distancing, self-isolation, avoid going out unnecessary, avoid crowds, avoid traveling, etc.

The restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and major malls have been closed. Takeaways and home deliveries are, however, still allowed. Shops have been instructed to be closed by 8 pm.

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Lockdown in Sindh and Punjab

Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has already announced a complete lockdown of the Punjab province starting from 9 a.m 24 March 2020 till April 6, 2020.

The Government of Punjab has also requested the Pakistan Army aid in the civil administration.

The province of Sindh is already under complete lockdown and the Government of Sindh has also asked for the Pakistan Army aid.

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