Pakistani Official websites hacked on Independence day By Indian Hackers

Indian hackers targets Pakistani Official websites on 14th August Pakistan’s Independence day ahead of Indian Independence day on 15th August.

Still Pakistanis are celebrating 70th Independence day here in Pakistan and Indians has started to deface/hack Pakistani Official website.

In 2017 Indians did not attempted before this attack however as Pakistani Hacker Muhammad Bilal hacked BJP Indian political parties regional website on 13th August after which Indians targeted Pakistani Official websites including Pakistan Railways.

The list of Pakistani websites hacked by Indian hackers

Happy independence Day Pakistan again targeted.

Pakistani Official websites

It is unfortunate Pakistani Official websites are not fully secured and vulnerable. Indian Hackers took advantage of poor cyber security, some of the websites are still defaced however rest are being restored.

It appears Indian and Pakistani hackers has enters in a new phrase of Cyber Attacks now, still we haven’t heard from Pakistani Hackers so far but expecting retaliation from Pak Cyber Force and other individual hackers.

Update : according to authentic source – These websites were hacked by Bangali Hackers earlier – Screenshots below shows that these sites were infected and had shell, which indian hackers reused this time

Pakistani Official websites

Pakistani Official websites

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