Petrol Prices in Pakistan Increased from 27 June 2020

ISLAMABAD: Petrol prices in Pakistan have been increased starting midnight 12AM 27 June 2020 after the Federal Government approved the increase following the artificial shortage in the country.

Petrol Prices in Pakistan
Petrol Prices in Pakistan Increased from 27 June 2020.

According to sources, petrol prices are going to increase by Rs. 25.58 per litre crossing Rs. 100 while high speed diesel will see an increase of Rs. 21.31 per litre.

Price of Kerosene oil is also being increased by Rs. 23.50 while light speed diesel will see an increase of Rs. 17.84

Here are increased petrol prices in Pakistan [27 June 2020]:

ProductCurrent Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Change
High Speed Diesel (HSD)80.15101.46+21.31
Kerosene Oil35.5659.06+23.50
Light Speed Diesel (LDO)36.1453.98+17.84

This increase in Petrol Prices will go into effect from tonight 12:00AM 27 June 2020.

Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Following the increase in Petroleum Prices applicable from 12 AM, Huge lines of cars lined up outside a Petrol Station in Islamabad.

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  1. No writ of the Government, whatsoever.

    Feeling Apologetic in voting for such a deluding Government.

    All of a sudden, increase in prices approved during the month, to be applicable overnight. On contrary, people need to wait till new month’s start. What a shame!

  2. Lanat ho is govt p agy hm kuch ni kr pa rhy guzara krny pehly mushkil hn or inho ny is ghatia mafia k agy ghutny teka dye hm supporters ki sirf insult he krae hy is govt ny bs etbar utha in p sy b

  3. lanat ho federal govt pr seedhy 25 rupy km kiye jese h lockdown khtm horha petrol price brha diye lanat corrupt mafia

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