Petrol Prices in Pakistan reduced for June 2020 [UPDATE]

ISLAMABAD: The Government of Pakistan has reduced Petrol Prices in Pakistan for June 2020 on the recommendation of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA).

Government Reduces Petrol Prices in Pakistan for June 2020.

The Government has reduced prices of petroleum products according to the recommendation of OGRA which includes Petrol Prices being reduced by Rs. 7.06 per litre, light speed diesel (LDO) prices being reduced by Rs. 9.37 per litre and kerosene oil prices being reduced by Rs. 11.88 per litre.

However, based on the OGRA recommendation, the Government has increased price of diesel by Rs. 0.05 per ltire.

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Petrol Prices in Pakistan for June 2020:

ProductCurrent Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Change
High Speed Diesel (HSD)80.1080.15+0.05
Kerosene Oil47.4435.56-11.88
Light Speed Diesel (LDO)47.5136.14-9.37

These prices will go into effect from 1 June 2020 (12:00AM).

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