Petrol shortage in Pakistan to get worse in coming days

Petrol shortage in Pakistan is expected to get worse as oil companies are reportedly running out of petrol according to the Chairman of All Pakistan Petroleum Retailers Association (APPRA) Sameer Najmul Hassan.

Petrol shortage in Pakistan
Petrol shortage in Pakistan is likely to get worse.

According to the chairman oil companies are likely to run out of petrol in the coming days as they hardly have enough stock to meet the needs of people.

This is mainly due to the decrease in the oil companies quota which is the main reason why these companies are not purchasing oil. Currently Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is the only company that is purchasing oil at the moment according to Hassan.

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After public complaints on the shortage an investigation has also been launched into the matter by the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) to make sure the shortage is not due to anti-competitive activity.

The petrol shortage in Pakistan took place after the recent decrease in petroleum prices by the Government which means that an artificial shortage might have been created according to the Commission.

Furthermore, some petrol stations are selling fuel at higher prices due to the shortage which will also be investigated by the CCP and many stations have reportedly been sealed in Hyderabad for not providing fuel to public or providing fuel at higher prices.

The following notification by the Deputy Commissioner Hyderabad shows the petrol stations that have been shut down after suspension of their license.

Petrol Shortage in Pakistan

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