PIA grounds 150 pilots for processing suspicious or fake licenses

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has grounded 150 pilots after it was revealed that 150 of its pilots held suspicious or fake licenses according to the company’s spokesperson.

pia pilots
PIA grounds 150 pilots for processing suspicious or fake licenses .

This revelation came after the Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that there were 262 pilots in Pakistan having suspicious flying licenses who should be grounded immediately.

According to the Minister of Aviation many of these pilots have managed to get licenses but did not appear in any paper so the government has decided to issue them notices making sure that they cannot fly until investigated.

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PIA spokesperson said that grounded these many pilots will affect the airline’s operations but these pilots can return to work as soon as they get their licenses verified.

A letter was sent to the Civil Aviation Authority by the PIA chairman requesting a list of all the pilots possessing fake or suspicious licenses stating that action will be taken against them in order to make operations safe again.

The announcement came from PIA came a day after the preliminary report of the Karachi plane crash that the airline acknowledged and says that measures are being taken for safety of passengers.

The following is a copy of letters sent to the CAA by the PIA Chairman:

pia pilots
pia pilots

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