PIA plane crash Official report by Sindh Health Department

KARACHI: PIA plane crash official report has been issued by the Sindh Health Department and there are only two confirmed survivors from the PIA plane crash on Friday that was carrying 91 passengers and 8 crew members for a total of 99 people on board the PIA flight PK-8303 as it crashed at Karachi’s Model Colony just seconds before before landing at the Jinnah International Airport.

PIA Plane Crash Report
Aftermath of the PIA plane crash incident as it came down at Model Colony in Karachi.

The plane crash also dealt significant damage to the houses in the residential zone as it came down onto a narrow street but fortunately there have been no reported deaths on the ground.

Among the survivors was the Chief Executive of the Bank of Punjab Zafar Masud and a young engineer Muhammad Zubair. Pakistani model Zara Abid was also among the passengers of the ill-fated PIA flight.

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Bodies were moved to Jinnah Hospital and Civil Hospital before being shifted to Edhi Morgue in Sohrab Goth and Chippa Morgue at FTC for cold storage.

DNA samples have been taken from the bodies before moving them to cold storage in order to identify them as most are unrecognizable because of severe burns.

So far according to authorities, 12 bodies have been released to families after being identified while they were working on identifying the rest.

PIA Plane Crash Report

PIA Plane Crash Report
PIA Plane Crash Report

Survivor recalls the tragic incident

One of the two survivors of the ill-fated PIA plane crash recalled the tragic incident about what what happened to PIA Flight PK-8303 as it tried to land at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport.

Muhammad Zubair mentioned how the first landing attempt failed and the plane was taken back into the air and on the second attempt crashed as he lost consiousness. According to his account of the incident, the plane’s journey was fine from Lahore to Karachi and the problem only occurred at the first landing attempt by the pilot.

At that point there was panic among passengers and as the pilot announced that they were attempting landing again, the plane crashed and he lost consiousness.

According to Zubair after he came to there was smoke everywhere and all he could hear were screams from every direction and when he opened his seat belts he could see a light and went towards it and jumped down about 10 feet to get to safety.

Damage to houses – Government to pay for repairs

A lot of houses in the residential area were damaged and residents have been moved to the hotel located in the airport premises while some have been accomodated at the Qasar-e-Naz guest house according to the Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar.

He federal minister also mentioned that government will pay for repair to the damage to the houses at the time of the incident along with damage to vehicles.

Further more, the wounded will be given a Rs. 500,000 compensation and the inquiry committee is open to further recommendations.

Talking about the investigation, the minister said that it will be brought forward to the public as soon as possible and it will be ensured that it is transparent.

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