PIA slashes employees salaries by up to 25pc

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has slashed employees salaries by up to 25 percent as the airline faced massive losses because of the coronavirus lockdown.

PIA Employees Salaries
PIA slashes employees salaries by up to 25 percent.

Employees getting salaries above Rs. 100,000 will get a pay cut of 10 percent according to the PIA Spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez. Similarly those with a pay above Rs. 300,000 will get a salary cut of 25 percent.

However, employees of grade 1 – 4 will not be affected by the salary cut according to the spokesperson.

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The spokesperson also said that many top officials at the airline have voluntarily announced a cut in their salaries starting with the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik who volunteered for a 20 percent pay cut for the company.

Other followed and volunteered for the pay cut as well including Chief Officers of Departments who announced a 20 percent cut in salaries, General Manager announced a 10 percent pay cut and Deputy General Managers and Managers announced a 10 and eight percent salary cut.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suffered losses of up to Rs. 4 billion during march alone because of the coronavirus pandemic and the countrywide lockdown.

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