PM Imran Khan Inaugurates Kamyab Jawan Program

PM Imran Khan Inaugurates Kamyab Jawan Program

ISLAMABAD: PM Imran Khan inaugurates the Kamyab Jawan Program today for the welfare of the youth of nation.

The PM Imran Khan started his speech with congratulating Usman Dar for his hard work.

He emphasized that this program is to promote culture of merit and honesty.

Addressing at the inauguration ceremony of Kamyab Jawan Program he said the future of Pakistan and our destiny depends on our youth. He also said only those nations progress and move forward who follow the principles of merit and honesty.

Quoting the Kingdom of Madinah he said the Muslims ruled over thousand years and they kept progressing because the culture of meritocracy and uprightness prevailed.

The downfall of Muslims began when they adopted the monarchy and did not give the democratic rights to the society. The Mughal Empire crashed as they did not follow the rules of merit.

The Prime Minister said the minorities are equal citizens of Pakistan and will benefit from the program.

He also said a uniform education system of education will be introduced in the country.

He also said two things will be brought to the society first is meritocracy and the second is control on corruption.

Upcoming programs for the youth

The upcoming programs to be launched for the youth are “Green Youth Movement” and “StartUp Pakistan”

The PM said many rich people in this world came and left, but the world only remember those who did something for the humanity.

Quoting the book of 100 greatest men in the history, he said on the number one is our own beloved Prophet Mohammad.


He urged the youth to read about our Prophet and learn from him.

He also said 68% of our population is of youth, The Kamyab Jawan Program is first step to make the youth employed.

Usman Dar said the previous governments have failed to do anything for the welfare of the youth. He also proudly said our Government has prepared the countries first Youth Development Framework. The work is being undertaken in six different areas.

Under Kamyab Jawan Program one hundred billion rupees will be distributed among the youths of Pakistan.

Interest free loan will be provided on priority basis in 45 under privileged districts under 100,000 rupees.

It is expected the Kamyab Jawan Program will benefit one million youth.

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