PM Imran Khan secures ‘vote of confidence’ in NA

Prime Minister Imran Khan has secured a ‘vote of confidence’ from the National Assembly (NA) on Saturday after a setback in the Senate elections where government candidate Abdul Hafeez Sheikh lost to the opposition nominee Yousuf Raza Gillani in the Senate polls for the Islamabad general seat.

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PM Imran Khan secures ‘vote of confidence’ in NA.

Imran Khan is the second Prime Minister to voluntarily seek a vote of confidence in the National Assembly after Nawaz Shareef back in 1993 when the Supreme Court granted his reinstatement.

Prime Minister Imran Khan needed 172 votes to win and ended up securing a total of 178 votes in the National Assembly session on Saturday. It is pertinent to mention that the premier had secured six more votes today compared to only 176 votes he secured when he was elected as Prime Minister 2 years ago.

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the National Assembly (NA) session and thanked lawmakers for their support and confidence. “When you come out of a difficult time, you get stronger,” said the premier.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had announced a boycott of the National Assembly (NA) session on Saturday.

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