PM Imran: Nurses appeared like hoors after injection

According to a report by GEO News, PM Imran Khan said that nurses appeared like Hoors upon getting a painkiller injection when he fell from the stage during the 2013 election campaign.

PM Khan says nurses appeared like hoors when he was given injection for the pain after falling off stage during 2013 election campaign. Video Link.

PM Imran said that after he fell he was taken to Shaukat Khanum Hospital for treatment where Dr. Asim gave him some injection for the pain.

Prime Minister said that he was in a lot of pain because of broken bones and the injection took that pain away but that was not all it did.

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According to him “the world changed and the nurses began to look like hoors”.

PM Imran said that he felt fine afterwards and also made a speech on TV while on that injection and doesn’t even remember the speech he did.

PM Khan said that after the effects of the injection wore off and the pain started to return, he repeatedly insisted the Dr. Asim to give him the injection again but he refused.

PM Khan said that he even remembers threatening him to give the injection but the doctor did not allow it.

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