PM Imran: Pakistan and Malaysia to work on improving relations

PM Imran says that Pakistan and Malaysia will continue to work together on improving relations and strengthening ties between the two countries.

PM Imran on his visit to Malaysia says Pakistan and Malaysia will work on strengthening their relationship.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says that Pakistan will compensate for the loss to Malaysia of its palm oil trade with India since PM Modi banned imports due to PM Mahathir’s criticism of Modi’s actions in Kashmir and the citizenship law.

India was the biggest importer of Malaysia’s palm oil and it is a great loss for the country because of the ban however, PM Imran says that Pakistan will try to best compensate for it.

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PM Imran thanked Prime Minister Mahathir for raising his voice on the Kashmir issue and the atrocities that the Kashmiri people are facing for months now.

PM Imran said:

A radical and extremist government has taken over India and has put the people of Kashmir in a prison. The Indian occupying forces have picked the Kashmiri leadership and locked up teenagers and put them in prison,

He added addressing PM Mahathir:

The way you have stood with us and spoken about the injustice in the occupied valley, I want to thank you for that,

Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed his regret about not being able to attend the Kaula Lumpur Summit saying:

Some of our close friends felt that the conference [Kaula Lampur Summit] would divide the Ummah, which was not the purpose of the the conference. I feel that that it is the duty of the Muslim countries to educate the western countries and other nations about Islam.

PM Khan said that the two countries will continue to work on improving their relationship saying:

We feel there are tremendous trading and investment opportunities between Malaysia and Pakistan.

The Malaysia Prime Minister carried the same views and said that the two countries will continue to work together and enhancing ties between them.

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