PM Khan released policy statement on ‘Ehsaas’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the Policy Statement on “Ehsaas”.

Ehsaas has 4 pillars and 115 policy actions. The four pillars include:

  1. Addressing elite capture and making the government system work to create equality
  2. Safety nets for disadvantaged segments of the population
  3. Jobs & livelihoods
  4. Human capital development.

Ehsaas extensive agenda is meant to drive the government’s entire might in the pursuit of the objectives of equality and human development.

Ehsaas is about the creation of welfare state by countering elite capture & using 21st-century tools: data & technology for precision safety nets; financial inclusion, access to digital services, economic empowerment of women and overcoming barriers to human capital formation.

Institutionalizing integrity & efficiency frameworks, risk assurance & management, performance metrics, operational work plans, are urgently needed to make institutions transparent, accountable & responsive, a necessary prerequisite for successful implementation of Ehsaas.

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PM Khan released policy statement on 'Ehsaas'

Download Ehsaas Policy Statement

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