If POL Prices went up PTI Goes Down

ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has hinted that Petroleum product POL prices to go high from November 2018.
PM Khan’s Government shows that they are confident enough to run the country. Without adding more suffering to ordinary man’s life.
From November 1st, The OGRA has suggested jacks up the petroleum prices Rs. 13 per litre Petrol Price and Rs.6 Diesel price from the first of November.
The crude oil prices have declined in the last two months. All the countries are decreasing petroleum prices globally.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led Government has already increased Electricity and Gas prices.
If the proposed prices by OGRA gets approval by the government that would be the last nail in the coffin.
People will suffer as diesel prices sore 15% directly or indirectly affect the economy.
It won’t be wrong to say If the prices went up PTI is going down. The Popularity of the party depends on the decision of Petroleum prices now.
Khan’s motto was to recover the looted money and to generate revenue from elites. Above the law class not paying any tax.
Meanwhile, If this government goes according to OGRA plan than they are going nowhere.
If POL Prices went up PTI goes down


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