President Erdogan to arrive in Pakistan for a two day visit

The Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan will be arriving in Pakistan today (Thursday) for a two day visit mainly focused on business to business talks.

This is be Erdogan’s second visit to Pakistan as President since he took office back in 2014 although he had visited Pakistan twice before as Prime Minister of Turkey.

President Erdogan will be coming to Pakistan today for a two day visit.

According to sources, a joint session of the Parliament will also be addressed by President Erdogan on 14 February.

According to The News, he will have a sizable delegation accompanying him that includes 60 companies and 100 delegates on his visit and business meetings will be held with business leaders in Pakistan along with discussions on various sectors of the economy.

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These discussions will cover a wide range of subjects including trade, investment, food, tourism, defense industry, livestock, import and export,agriculture and automotive industry and many more.

A sixth round of the Pakistan-Turkey High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council (HLSCC) will also be held according to the report.

The HLSCC works as a joint cabinet meeting that is co-chaired by the top leaders from both sides and functions through Joint Working Groups (JWG), six of which were formed in Pakistan back in December 2010.

These meetings will be held and include:

Issuing coming in the way of trade will be discussed and based on The News report, Pakistan may also ask for a free trade agreement.

After Turkey imposing 18% protective duty on textiles, trade between the two countries declined significantly from $1.08 billion down to $792 million.

Hopefully the two day meetings will bring about change to all this and improve trade once again between the two nations.

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