FAKE NEWS – Punjab Govt bans all poultry products

UPDATE: The notification circulating about ban on poultry products in Punjab is FAKE as confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad through his tweet.

LAHORE: The Government of Punjab has banned all poultry products due to coronavirus according to a notification issued by the Punjab Health Department directed towards all the Deputy Commissioners.

The notification states that coronavirus has been found in poultry products in Punjab which can be more lethal to human therefore all sale of poultry products has been banned with immediate effect.

All poultry production and sales are therefore suspended till further notice and Deputy Commissioners have been directed to take immediate action and legal action will be taken against anyone violating these orders.

This is a copy of the notification:

Punjab Poultry Products ban

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  1. when poultry prices will rocket to the skies and no relevant authority will takes notice fake news like this spread. It looks Sharifs are still ruling here.

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