Punjab University student Mohsin Abdali abducted

According to a reports, Punjab University student Mohsin Abdali was abducted from his home at 4 AM in the morning when 10-12 “unidentified men” entered his home forcefully at gunpoint.

Mohsin Abdali Abducted Punjab University Student
Mohsin Abdali abducted from his home.

According to a report by The Daily Times, six of them were armed policemen and the rest were men in plain clothes.

According to the report, the men shoved and hit everyone warned the family not to make any noise otherwise they would kill them.

The report that was submitted to the Baghbanpura Police Station by Mohsin’s brother said that the men woke him up and forcefully put in their car after hitting him.

A First Information Report (FIR) was not filed by the police yet but they reassured the family that investigation on the matter will be initiated.

According to the complaintant, the abductors also took their phones and laptops after putting Mohsin in their car outside.

According to Dawn, The Progressive Students Collective (PSC) issued a statement about the incident saying:

They harassed and abused his family, took away laptops and phones and did not convey on what charge or accusation he was being investigated or picked up for.

The statement also said:

Progressive Student Collective (PSC) members are shocked by the brazen manner in which young peaceful activists are coming under attack. We demand Mohsin’s immediate release,

According to them his last appearance was at a demonstration that was organized by the Women Democratic Front for the release of Awami Workers Party (AWP) activist.

Based on reports, the Baghwanpura Police Station and the Shalimar Police Station had no information on the whereabouts of Mohsin Abdali.

Although a few hours later Ammar Ali Jan who is a teacher at the Forman Christian College tweeted that Mohsin Abdali was in custody of the Baghwanpura Police Station.

Later tweeting an hour later that according to police he was in the custody of Manchanabad Police Station and being taken to Chistian.

Who is Mohsin Abdali?

Mohsin Abdali is a student at Punjab University doing his MPhil in Agriculture Sciences. He is also a student activist who had organized the Student Solidarity March and the Climate March.

Twitter trending with hashtag #ReleaseMohsinAbdali.

Twitter soon started trending this morning after the incident demanding for the release of Mohsin Abdali with people tweeting with the hashtag #ReleaseMohsinAbdali.

People demanding the release of Mohsin Abdali.
Release Mohsin Abdali trending on Twitter.

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