Former Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani’s son Syed Ali Haider Gilani was abducted following a firing on PPP corner meeting at Farukh Town Multan. According to details‚ armed men opened fire in the meeting and injured 5 people including Ali Haider’s secretary Mohiuddin‚ who later succumbed to injuries.

President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed grave concern and condemned the kidnapping on Thursday of Ali Haider Gillani the son of former Prime Minister and PPP leader Yousuf Raza Gillani.

The President who also called Yousuf Raza Gillani a short while ago described the kidnapping of Ali Haider Gillani‚ who is PPPP candidate from PP 200 in Multan‚ as a most reprehensible act of a cowardly enemy.

Spokesperson to the President Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the President also called upon the relevant government agencies to get into action to recover the kidnapped Gillani safely and bring the culprits to book.

The President said that the progressive democratic parties had already expressed their serious apprehensions about the militants’ threats and had called upon the Election Commission and the government to take appropriate measures so that the elections were not hijacked by the extremists.

The President said that democratic forces will not be deterred by such cowardly acts and will continue to fight the militants and extremists to the finish.

Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso has taken a notice of the incident of kidnapping of Ali Haider Gilani and condemned the firing incident in Multan today.

The Prime Minister has ordered the provincial authorities to make investigations into the causes of the firing and subsequent abduction of Ali Haider Gilani who is also a contesting candidate for PP-200 Multan.

The Prime Minister is in a constant contact with the authorities of the situation.

Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim has expressed his strong concerns over the kidnapping of Ali Haider Gilani.

He has directed the caretaker governments to provide full security to the contesting candidates and the voters.

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