Four imams arrested, one escapes after violating directions in Punjab

As the coronavirus outbreak gets worse the Government of Pakistan gave directions that mosques will not hold congregational prayers for more than 5 people including the staff however, some imams (prayer leaders) have been arrested for violating these directions.

imams arrested coronavirus
Four imams arrested while one escapes in Punjab after violating government directions.

To try and curb the spread of the coronavirus the Punjab government gave directions that congregational prayers will not be carried out and only five people will be allowed to inside the mosque and that includes the imam and the mosque’s staff.

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These directions included Friday prayers as well as general prayers for five times a day however there were some mosques in Punjab that did not follow the government directives and held usual prayers.

Law enforcement agencies and police arrested imams from four mosques in Punjab while one was able to escape. The imams who were arrested include Qari Muhammad Sabir of Jamia Mosque Ghausia Rizvia in Mohalla Noorpura, Qari Muhammad Usman of Jamia Mosque Kareemabad, Allama Muhammad Abbas Rizvi of Jamia Mosque Noora, Qari Muhammad Mazhar of Jamia Mosque Gulzar-i-Madina in Mohallah Karimabad.

Coronavirus cases in Punjab have reached 497 with five deaths which is the highest in the country in both categories and these numbers seem to be rising rapidly.

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