Justice For Salahuddin: Brutally Killed By Punjab Police

Rahim Yar Khan: Justice for Salahuddin and I am Salahuddin is trending on social media, after Salahuddin was brutally tortured and killed while in custody of Punjab Police.

The atrocities of Punjab police are as always at the highest peak. Every now and then such incidences emerge on media. Public are forced to raise their voices each time demanding justice for the victims and their families.

Some get justice who catch the attention of public , those who don’t, their voices are barried with the deceased.

Salahuddin is one such victim of brutal and inhuman action of Punjab Police. He was killed while in custody of Police.

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About Salahuddin

  • According to the father of the victim Salahuddin was mentally unstable.
  • Salahuddin was arrested on Friday in Rahim Yar Khan.
  • He was reported dead on Sunday Morning.

Viral Video

The video of Salahuddin sticking his tongue out at the ATM machine and the CCTV camera went viral. It is being reported that Salahuddin was attempting a robbery. But others reports suggest he was taking out his ATM card out from the machine that got stuck.

Salahuddin’s Father Receiving His Son’s Dead Body

Statement From Salahuddin’s Uncle

According to his uncle Salahuddin was mentally unstable since birth. When he was young he was under control as he grew up he would just do as he pleased. Whatever he was he was not a theif. The police did not inform the family of his arrest nor they informed of the death. They found out about him from the TV. The uncle beleives he was brutally tortured and killed and therefore demand justice for Salahuddin.

Salahuddin’s arm can be seen tatooted with his name , address and contact number. The police could have easily contacted the family.

Statement From Salahuddin’s Father

Sending message to the media and the Government, the father has said that he is not satisfied with the report prepared by the police. He also said that he was not given the copy of the report, he found out about the report through the media.

He said he himself washed the body of his deseased son. The photos taken by his son Baber are real which show signs of sevear tortures. He has requested the government to carry out the investigation under their supervision, and does not want the police to carry out any investigation. Instead of Rahim Yar Khan the case should be taken to Lahore High Court.

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Police Report

The police have reported that Salahuddin died of cardiac arrest. The doctors report also say there were no signs of torture on the body.

The pictures taken by the family reveal the signs of torture. His entire body is covered by bruises.

Justice For Salahuddin: Brutally Killed By Punjab Police

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