Justice for Sawera: Brutally abused by her husband

LAHORE: Justice for Sawera and Return Sawera is trending on social media a case of domestic abuse and violence has emerged. Sawera was abused by her husband Shahbaz right after marrying her.

Her mother married her off to a man identified as Shahbaz one year ago, her father is not alive. Shahbaz has been continuously abusing her and according to social media reports poor soul has lost her senses now. Her husband refuses to return her back to her mother.

According to some other information the mother said Shahbaz married Sawera by force.

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According to her mother few day after the marriage, Shahbaz pushed Sawera down from the roof and called the incident an accident. She found her daughter in hospital after twenty-seven days.

The mother went to the police station to report but unfortunately she did not receive any positive response from them. The mother appeals to the authorities to allow her to keep her daughter in her custody since her husband is not letting them take her wife.

The grieving mother appeals and implores the authorities as no one can take care of her better than the mother.

Address of Shahbaz

Outside of Shahbaz’s home image shared on social media

The husbands address shared on social media is:

Govt. Elementary School, General Hospital Lahore general hospital, Ferozepur Road, behind Ismail Nagar, Lahore, Punjab.

Justice for Sawera

Punjab Police Official Statement

Punjab Police Official Tweeter account has tweeted their side of the story, according to the tweet, “In the writ of habeas corpus in the court, the police recovered the woman from her husband’s house and presented her in the court on a stretcher. The court had ordered that the girl be sent to her husband’s house. The police complied with the order of the court.”

They further said, “Her father was with his daughter-in-law when the police went to her house to retrieve her. Further, the concerned police have contacted the applicant again. And action will be taken within the law.”

However, people are not happy with the court judgment and the order released by the court. It is hard to digest for them how could Sawera be sent back to the same torture chamber.

The case needs to be reopened again and details must be checked to provide justice for Sawera.

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Court Orders

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