Lahore High Court Hearing Today – TYNO Syrup

November 30, 2012 LAHORE – The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday announced that it will begin its proceedings from today (Friday) to investigate deaths caused by a faulty cough syrup.
Over a dozen people lost their lives after taking doses of a cough syrup, which was available in the market under the brand name Tyno, following which an application was filed at the Lahore High Court by the Judicial Activism Panel.

The high court office sent the application to Justice Manzoor Malik for hearing.
In the application it was maintained that death toll as a result of the syrup was rising by the day. Hence, an enquiry into the incident should be conducted by a high court judge.
The applicant maintained that one year ago, several people died due to a reaction caused by pills used for treating heart patients. It said that the provincial government had not taken any concrete steps to prevent such incidents.

“So far 17 people have died due to the syrup, including one on Tuesday and six on Monday,” Jamil said. “Police have registered a case and arrested three people, among them owners of a medical store and a distributor of pharmaceutical products.”

Yesterday, Discussing with various people people at the medical stores I asked them about this Syrup, everyone said, there could be other chemical mixed specially in this batch ( of the production ) this syrup is  not sufficient enough to kill a person beside it, there has been cases before too from local companies, the cases are being delayed and production is on, so far TYNO production has been stopped but it would be wrong to say that overdosing killed people.

 ‘toxic’ cough syrup, which claimed 17 lives in Lahore, may have been manufactured by unregistered companies using the label of Reko Pharma, investigators revealed on Wednesday.

further more the government and pharmaceutical company has denied of being Toxic, case hearing today in LHC.



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