Lahore – over 100 houses christian community houses burnt down while no police nor any law enforcement agency seen at the scene.

It all started when local barber guy accuses of blasphemy, christian fellow, he was arrested and still unclear about the  accusation, meanwhile Wada  mujahideen e Islam, mob burnt over 100 houses. This shows perfect example of how our nation is lacking tolerance and lack of education.

Yet there’s no report of any government official made any contact with christians those who are homeless and insecure now in Lahore in Badaami Bagh area. Blasphemy law was introduced in Pakistan after which thing went much worst than ever before.


Intolerance total non sense people have become, if the accused really said or did than let the court and police to the investigation but over here in Pakistan majority rule.

Such incident reported in past as well and Governor Punjab Salman taseer was killed due to this blasphemy issue in islamabad by his own body gaurd opened fire 30 bullets in his body.

Qadri his guard became the hero on facebook and lawyers were ready to defend him without charging fee this shows how black coats support one to take law in hands and ensure we’ll get you out.

On twitter AQ Khan said this and read the below comment as well.

Todays incident is complete failure of the government hope that government helps  homesless christians they are Pakistani as well .

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