Narowal District, Punjab: In Pakistan and many other Islamic countries, “Love before marriage” is considered a very unacceptable thing. People show lack of tolerance at this point and mostly things become worst.

In Narowal district, there are two small towns, Zafarwal and Doggaranwali. A couple, Madiha and Shahid belonging to these two towns were in love. Shahid belonged to a poor family while Madiha belonged to a rich family. Both of them were in deep love and they were nearly going for court marriage. But soon the brothers of Madiha came to know the whole story of their love relationship.

On 10 October 2011, her brothers attacked Shahid and targeted his house. When Shahid and Madiha realized that their families are against their marriage and they will never let them live together; Shahid and Madiha left their families and ran away on 25 August 2012.

On 27 August 2012, Madiha’s family reported a FIR against Shahid for kidnapping Madiha and again targeted Shahid’s house with armed weapons.

The father of Shahid was arrested for further inquiry. But his father stated in the police station that “Shahid is no more my son and now he does not belong to me or my family!”

Now Authorities and the brothers of Madiha are looking for both of them.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to for the young ones to take appropriate steps for their future. Thus in order to ensure their future relationship, they have to ran away from their families just because they have NO WAY OUT!



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