Reimagining the craze of Lahore Qalandars through Mobilink Kay Sikandar

mobilink-660x315Although much has been written on and about Lahore for centuries, it still remains full of new discoveries and dimensions unexplored. Did you ever imagine you could experience the bright colours, spicy tastes, festive culture and vast diversity of Lahore in merely 85 seconds? No way, right?

That was what I initially had in mind but thanks to Mobilink – Pakistan’s largest telecom company – for turning the impossible into possible. Mobilink motivational TVC, which not only gives you goosebumps, as you begin hearing “MobilinkKaySikandar”, it also takes you on a journey of what it is like to be from the city of Qalandars. From the locals of Lahore to its renowned food culture, look stunning in the newly released Mobilink TVC for ‘Lahore Qalandars’ titled ‘MobilinkKaySikandar’.


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How to share with just friends.

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Mobilink TVC featuring the people of Lahore is an ultimate dose of entertainment, culture and dhamal music. The video showcases the enchanting locals, cooks, explorers, merchants, all who found this heart of the Pakistan, a magical place. As a young Pakistani, I can say that the majority of us have an undefined patriotism, which reaches its pinnacle during a cricket match. Such enthusiasm needs to be channelized a proper medium, and Mobilink TVC does just that. It proofs the famous proclaimed saying by its residents that Lahore is a city without comparison and so is its passion, craze and spirit.


The TVC exposes a good way of reinforcing values like simplicity, humility, and generosity of Lahore and of Pakistan at large. No matter what, the TVC melts your heart for Lahore’s charm and its ultimate Mobilink Kay Sikandar ‘Lahore Qalandars’. To crown it all, the TVC covers the soul of Lahore along with its full of life people who cherish it every single day, individually and collectively, unites them together for the biggest mega event in the history of Pakistan ‘Pakistan Super League’ or simply PSL. As PSL redefines the history of cricket in Pakistan, Mobilink TVC sets a new trend on how Lahoris celebrate the superstars of their team ‘Lahore Qalandars’.

I must say, Mobilink should record a full-length version of its TVC, which shall definitely emerge as a Republic Day Anthem nationwide and you would definitely want to hear the song over and over again as the strong background score and chorus give you a sense of patriotism and dhamal.

But to sum it up, the TVC perfectly executes the love of Lahore and its people for ‘Lahore Qalandars’, whether living in bungalows or a slum. It’s for every inch of Lahore Qalandars, be its scenic historical architecture, its vibrant culture, or its poverty stricken small town.

Let’s make a promise ourselves to enjoy the cricket, share and spread love through our players.

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