List of Rawalpindi areas placed under smart lockdown

RAWALPINDI: The Government of Punjab Home Department has issued a list of Rawalpindi Areas placed under smart lockdown after a surge of coronavirus cases in Punjab as well as in Pakistan.

The decision has been taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus in these areas deemed as hotsposts for the coronavirus. According to the notification issued by the Home Department, there will be controlled entry and exit in these areas.

The smart lockdown has already been implemented and will remain in place from 18 June to 30 June, 2020. During this time, all markets, malls and restuarants shall remain closed with certain exceptions like medical stores, grocery stores and take-away or home delivery. These exceptions are detailed in the attacted notification at the end of the post.

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Furthermore, there shall be a complete ban on movement except those travelling to and from the mentioned exempted facilities in the notification. There shall also be a complete ban on gathering of all kinds including for social and religious reasons.

List of Rawalpindi areas placed under smart lockdown:

  • Doke Kala Khan
  • Qayyam Abad
  • Iqbal Town
  • Dhoke Paracha
  • Dhoke Kashmirain
  • Kuri Road
  • Ali Abad
  • Dhoke Ali Akbar
  • Sadiqabad
  • Magistrate Colony
  • Afondi Colony
  • Satellite Town A Block
  • Satellite Town C Block
  • Muslim Town
  • Khurram Colony
  • Dheri Hassan Abaad
  • Talli Mohri
  • Gousia Chowk
  • Jhawara
  • Tench Bhatta
  • People Colony
  • Allama Iqbal Colony

Below is the attached notification and list of Rawalpindi areas placed under lockdown as shared by the Home Department of Punjab.

Rawalpindi Areas Lockdown
Home Department Notification.
Rawalpindi Areas Lockdown
Page 2.
Rawalpindi Areas Lockdown
Page 3.
Rawalpindi Areas Lockdown
List of Rawalpindi areas under lockdown.

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