Saba Noor Eight Year Old Dead Due To Medical Negligence

KARACHI: Saba Noor eight-year-old minor girl is dead due to medical negligence here on Sunday.

Saba Noor was also administered a wrong injection in Karachi hospital.

She fell prey to alleged medical negligence in a clinic is located at Gulshan-e-Iqbal 13-D 1 in the metropolis.

As per reports Saba was wrongly injected by a fraudulent doctor in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal area.

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The police have given a statement that Saba Noor is a daughter of a poor rickshaw driver and was administered a wrong injection a doctor in the said clinic.

Saba Noor Eight Year Old Dead Due To Medical Negligence

The father of Saba immediately registered a case against the doctor after the incident.

The police have taken the doctor in their custody.

The deceased girl’s body is kept in the Jinnah Hospital since past several hours.

The MLO Dr. Zakia has however refused to perform a postmortem.

Similarly, a minor three-month-old boy named Muhammad Hunain also lost life due to medical negligence of a doctor in Malir area of the metropolis.

RIGHT NOW: Dharna has started at Johar Morr (Main Rashid Minhas) by Nashwa’s father demanding inquiry commission under a Retd Supreme Court Judge to investigate and regulate all unregistered medical hospitals and clinics in Karachi to ensure no child loses their life. He has already lost his daughter. He is doing protest for all of us

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