Sachal Sarmast’s 197th Urs being observed today

Annual  Urs [death anniversary] of Hazrat Sachal Sarmast is being observed today 29, 30 May 2018 at Daraza Shareef, Ranipur dist Khairpur Sindh.

On this occasion thousand’s of people throngs to his Shrine to pay their Homage to divine ecstasy, real name was Abdul Wahab due to his intense love of Truth popularly known as Sachal Sarmast which literally means Truthful.

He was poet of seven languages Sindhi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Hindi Seraiki n Punjabi popularly known as Shaire Haft Zaban.

Sachal composed his poetry in all poetical genres all were mainly philosophical he insisted that his poetry was the result of divine inspiration.

He was the first Poet of Sindh who composed Ghazals in Urdu when Urdu language was in its initial stage in Hyderabad Deccan. He was an escetic n led a life of piety n self discipline upto the age of 90.

He passed away on 14,Ramzan 1242 Hijri (1829 AD) His Mausoleum was built by Mir Rustam khan Talpur, the ruler of Khairpur State.

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