PM distributes Sehat Insaf Card to the transgender community

ISLAMABAD: PM Imran Khan distributes ‘Sehat Insaf Card’ to the transgender community of Pakistan here in Islamabad today.

The ceremony was held in ‘PM House’ to hand over the Sehat Insaf Card among the members of the ‘Transgender Community’.

PM Imran Khan praised the team members for generating the idea of including the transgender community in the ‘Sehat Insaf Card Program’.

The PM Imran Khan acknowledged the difficulties the transgender community faces in Pakistan. He is deeply saddened by the fact that in Pakistan people do not show empathy towards this community and no one realizes the difficulties they face.

He said we as a government took the decision to take the responsibility of the transgender community.

The PM said we will cover the entire transgender community. Currently, they have taken the data from NADRA.

Addressing the transgender community he said, “It means our government is taking your responsibility, unfortunately, which no other government took.”

He said, “I regret to say that our previous governments did not play the role which they should have. Pakistan is the name of a great dream. This was to create a system of justice and humanity.”

He said today Pakistan is facing difficult economic conditions. Even in this situation, we decided to strengthen the weak and poor segment of the country.

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Health card provides confidence to the people who cannot afford medical bills. He said the rich people can afford to take their patients abroad but the poor people cannot do that. The poor people have to give up their entire lives savings for their sick relatives. By the time the treatment completes they would have lost all their savings of life.

The PM Imran Khan is confident and hopefull to provided Sehat Insaf Card to every poor household of the country, so they too can afford good hospitals. ‘Health Card’ for the transgender community is a great step.

Previous governments pretended the transgender community did not exist, he said. He also promised to give full protection to them. He is also confident to remove all the wrong notions about them.

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For the year 2020, he said the Government will do its best to open employment opportunities in the country and further extend the Ehsas program for the poor and needy people.

Sehat Insaf Card for the transgender community

In December 2018 special ward for the Transgender Community was opened in PIMS

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