Sehwan Rape Case: Litigant raped by a judicial officer in his chamber

SINDH: Sehwan Rape Case – A judicial officer of Sehwan, Jamshoro is accused of allegedly raping a female litigant in his chamber.

The victim had appeared in his court for a case of free-will marriage.

Salma Birohi and Nisar Birohi were arrested from a guest house on January 13 by Sehwan Police. Both had left their house for free-will-marriage. They were arrested any produced before the judge.

Justice for Salma Birohi

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Salma Birohi’s Initial Complaint

Salma’s initial complaint lodged with Sehwan police revealed the judicial officer directed all his staff, police officials and all others present to leave and directed her to come in his official chamber alone. The judicial officer then sexually assaulted her in his chamber.

First Information Report

There is no FIR lodged of the Sehwan Rape Case yet.

Medical Examination

The police took Salma Brohi to Abdullah Shah Medical Institute, Sehwan for medical examination.

An investigation into Sehwan Rape Case

A senior judicial officer has initiated an inquiry against the judicial officer accused in the case of the alleged rape.

However, an office-bearer of Taluka Bar Association, Sehwan, and a senior lawyer did not confirm the incident. He said he had come to know of the case and confirmed a visit of a senior judicial officer two days back to inquire about the case.

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Similar acts in the past by the same judge

It also comes in light that it is not the first time but the same judge has indulged in such acts in the past

Statement of Doctors

Dr. Qazi Mueen, Director of Abdullah Shah Medical Institute said he is unaware of the accused. The doctor, however, said the police have brought a lady to his hospital for medical examination.

The doctor said samples have been collected by the hospital. These samples will be sent to the laboratory for examination. He also said a medical report will be issued soon.

The Accused

The accused judicial official is identified as civil judge Imtiaz Bhutto

free-will marriage is the right of every one

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