Senior Biker Jahanzeb killed in a road accident in Karachi

KARACHI – A very well known figure among Bikers community and experienced rider Jahanzeb died in a road accident at Kashmir road, Karachi on Thursday.

Senior Biker Jahanzeb died in a road accident
Senior Biker Jahanzeb died in a road accident

According to the sources, Jahanzeb was trying to save a lady crossing a road when he lost the control over his bike and hit the footpath and where died on the spot.

The sources have confirmed Jahanzeb was not wearing Helmet and as he collided with a pole on a footpath caused a fatal head injury.

The unrecoverable loss and tragic news, almost all the Riders and Drivers across Pakistan mourn on the instant death of a senior rider.

Note: Please wear a helmet while riding, spare a chance for any fatal head injury.


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