Serial killing incidents reported in Gujranwala, six murdered

GUJRANWALA: At least six people have been murdered in serial killing incidents reported out of Gujranwala according to a report by ARY news.

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Six people have been murdered in Gujranwala in incidents involving serial killings.

According to the report, the serial killing incidents in Gujranwala took place between 12 April and 5 August within the jurisdiction of the People’s Colony police station.

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So far six people have been murdered including two woman while at least 10 people have sustained mild to serious injuries according to the report.

Five First Information Reports (FIRs) have also been registered with the police involving these serial killing incidents in Gujranwala where victims were attacked at night or early morning while they were sleeping on their rooftops.

Investigation into each of these cases revealed a similar pattern of bricks being used to kill these victims and police and started their search for the culprits involved in this heinous crime.

Residents of the People’s Colony area are therefore advised to remain cautious while sleeping outside on their rooftops.

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