SHAKARGARH: A video has gone viral that caught the Shakargarh lawyers on camera beating and kicking a young girl mercilessly out side a local court.

The young girl is being identified by the name of Amrat Shahzadi. The incident occurred on 29 October outside local court in Narowal’s Shakargarh area.

What was Amrat doing in court 

Amrat was at the court for a hearing. She is a resident of Shahpur Bhangu Mouza. She has been fighting a case in relation to a door in the street near her residence.

Amrat’s Statement

She gave a statement saying the lawyers did not allow her in their chamber. She went on to say they later dragged her outside by pulling her hair.

She was severely beaten and even kicked outside the court while bystanders just looked including the policemen. No one bothered to come for her rescue.

Amrat also claims her arms and legs are bruised by severe beating.

Statement from the local bar association’s president

Naeem Iqbal, local bar association’s president, claimed the woman came along some men and attempted to kidnap one of the lawyers, Yasir Khan.

A case is now registered against them.

Statement from DSP Khalil Ahmad Malik

Khalil Ahmad Malik, DSP Shakargarh circle said the authorities have received petition from the parties. First information report (FIR) will be filed after investigation.

Both parties blame the other

Amrat claimed the lawyers misbehaved with her and the Shakargarh lawyers claim she attacked them first.

The viral video

The video of Amrat that went viral and is still being shared on social media show the brutal attack by the lawyers.

The lawyers are seen beating and ruthlessly pushing her. One of the lawyers is also seen kicking her.

Amrat is seen falling on the ground and getting up on her feet again to fight back the men in black coats.

Mr. Naeem Iqbal, who claimed Amrat came along with other men to kidnap one of the lawyer from the court are not seen in the video. Nor them nor any bystanders including the police is doing anything to stop the lawyers from humiliating a woman.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar takes notice

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has taken notice of the incident. He has directed the Narowal district police officer to submit a report.


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