Sheikh Rasheed to be next Minister of Law and Justice

Bani Gala planning to handover Ministry of Law and Justice portfolio to Mr.Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad  – Sources

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad was the only one to point out (KhatmeNubuwwat) amendment by PML-N government and he took the issue to the Supreme court of Pakistan and spread it across the country on which Tehreek e Labbaik countered sit-in at faizabad for 14 days in Islamabad.

Although rumors says Imran Khan might assign Sheikh Rasheed as Information Ministry which is good but instead Pindi boy is capable of delivering as Law and Justice minister to pin point all the flaws and strengthen it till the extent, that those laws are protected and cannot be changed until the judgement.

PTI Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf  Top Tier leadership should consider Ministry of Law and Justice for Mr.Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad  as he’s the most experienced National Assembly Member and been local on sensitive and serious issues.

We are expecting “The Dawn of Justice” Ultimate season Sheikh Rasheed version.


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