Sheikh Rasheed vows to upgrade Pakistan Railways

ISLAMABAD -The Ministry of Railways Sheikh Rasheed took the office charge and in his maiden press conference vowed to upgrade Pakistan Railways. 

During his visit to the ministry in Islamabad on Monday, he said corruption will be eliminated in the ministry at all levels.

The Minister said Pakistan Railways is facing deficit of millions rupees and he will work to decline this deficit.

Sheikh Rasheed went on saying “I don’t know why we are still living in a slavery state which britishers left us in, we have Power vans and high-tech locomotives we can upgrade Trains to Air conditioned class, we are short of coaches”. 

He invites food industry to join hands with Pakistan Railways to offer fast food on stations across country.

Railway Minister says we’ll double the freight trains and lower the fares of passenger trains.

Track upgradation between Rawalpindi to Lahore to reduce journey time is also on high priority.

It appears, Sheikh Rasheed is well-prepared to upgrade Pakistan Railways and from his previous experience as a minister railways he’s all set to bring Pakistan Railways back on track.

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