Sindh Govt to Ban Uber and Careem Online Cab Service

KARACHI (22 October 2018): Provincial Minister for Transport Awais Shah has revealed that the Government of Sind has decided to ban Ban Uber and Careem online cab services across the Sindh Province.

During a meeting with transport department officials, it was highlighted that the online cab services (Ban Uber and Careem) are operating without permission from the Sindh Government. Therefore, letters will be issued to cab services to cease their operations.

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Memorandum of understanding was signed three years ago about route permits following a meeting between the provincial government and the cab representatives.

The ban on bike riding services is being considered as stated by Mr. Awais Shah.

The Minister also stated that the online cab services (Ban Uber and Careem) operating on their own without paying any attention to the government orders.

He also mentioned and referred to the recent incident that took place on Karachi Shahrah-e-Faisal where a medical student jumped out of the cab and accusing the driver of harassment. On this, the Minister asked, “Was any action taken against the cab service.”

It was also decided in the meeting that a strict action will also be taken against school vans using CNG cylinders as these vehicles pose threat to the lives of innocent children.

In an incident that took place near Gora Kabrastan, Shahrah-e-Faisal Road on 20th October the medical student had managed to jump off from the running uber cab as the driver was trying to harass her.

The pedestrians took notice and instantly stopped the cab and caught the driver. The student was unharmed and the matter was taken to police.





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