Sindh Govt to impose Complete Lockdown from Midnight

KARACHI: The Government of Sindh has decided to impose complete lockdown and call the military in aid of civil administration under ARticle 234 of the Constitution.

Sindh Government has sent the letter to the Federal Ministry of Interior stating “In the wake of prevailing situation of an increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the province, the Province of Sindh requires the services of Armed Forces in aid of civil power under Article 245 of Constitution read with Section 131 (a) of a Criminal Procedure Code. The details of the requirement will be communicated in due course after assessment in coordination with the quarter concerned.

It is, therefore, requested to kindly accord approval for deployment of armed forces in aid to Civil Power in the Province of Sindh.

Sindh Government requests Armed Forces Aid to Civil Power (Notification)
Sindh Government requests Armed Forces Aid to Civil Power (Notification)

The Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah announced today

Coronavirus (COVID19)

People are requested to stay at home to avoid social gatherings, visiting markets, mosques, shopping malls even after 3 days shutdown call people were on the streets and the Government of Sindh now strictly taken this action to completely lock down the city.

The Lockdown will continue for 15 days in Sindh.

Sindh revises Covid-19 cases figure to 292, citing ‘counting error‘ – The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Sindh is 292, not 396 as previously announced by the provincial government.

A spokesperson for the Sindh health department attributed the change to a “counting error”

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