Justice For Afsana: Sukkur Police arrest the rapist Imam

SINDH: Sukkur Police has arrested the accused Imam Shafqat Samejo involved in the rape of eleven year old girl Afsana in a mosque. She had gone there to take lesson in Quran.

The Sukkur police carried out their investigation after the case was registered by the father of the girl. The religious teacher Imam Shafqat Samejo is in police custody.

The minor girl was raped by her teacher three days ago when she went to the mosque to learn Quran. The Imam raped the innocent girl in the mosque and fled. The tragedy of little girl – she was sexually assaulted when she probably held Quran in her hand.

SSP Sukkur Irfan Ali Sammo followed up the case of Afsana from the day of the incident. Under his directives and hard work the police team was successful in arresting the culprit.

The accused will be severely punished as per law, SSP Sukkur Irfan Ali Sammo said.

Justice For Afsana

Justice for Afsana started trending on social media right after the incident caught eyes of public.

She was taken to hospital for medical checkup by her father. The video of Afsana and her father outside the hospital also went viral on social media.

The little girl and the father were seen explaining their ordeal. The heartbreaking moment of father and daughter crying and hugging each other was also captured in the video.

The devil assaulted the little Afsana two three times the father stated. Unable to describe the ordeal little girl was only able to say the teacher shut the windows and the door.

May the law of this land give the sick man the severest punishment possible.

The justice does not end here.

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