Altaf Hussain questions chief of Army Staff Pakistan

London :  MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has posted 14 questions for Army Chief. Gen Raheel Sharif

Altaf said that Rangers arrested many MQM workers in Karachi, of which 41 are still missing. Altaf questioned why these workers have been arrested and alleged that they were taken into custody because they are Urdu-speaking.

Altaf Hussain asks COAS: 41 party workers still missing since the start of operation by Rangers

Army is symbol of unity, is it duty bound to abuse, divide nation in name of ethnicity and provincialism.

How many Army officers, soldiers convicted for torturing to death MQM workers?

Why only MQM leaders, workers targeted during extra judicial killings, and raids ?

My brother and nephew were shot dead, for what crime? Altaf Hussain asks COAS

Finally Army tell us what should we do after sacrificing each and every thing, why Army couldn’t accept us by heart

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