Clifton underpass and flyover abandoned project !

Bharia Tower Icon is under construction, while the newly announced Clifton underpass and flyover project appears abandoned by Bharia authorities.

Malik Riaz ( Bharia Town ) is a very smart gambler, but after damaging Hindus Temple and paying back in millions project work is complete abandoned.

People investing in property blindly, while the Karachi’s law and order situation hasn’t been controlled.


On the project site, it appears like Clifton is BACK in stone age, disconnecting Park Towers from Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s Shrine road. Sadly.

Wondering how Engineers passed the site map and how Karachi Administrator allowed the destruction on massive level, in March 2014 when the work started on the site, Administrator assured it will be completed in 4 months means By the of July 2014 it will be good to go, however it appears if the work continues it may take more than 6 months.

Visited the site personally and saw the miserable destruction while no worker was sighted nor the heavy machinery.

Talking to the security personals / policemen standing there, were also clueless about what’s next ?

If you ask anyone about this project will tell you a new story, as one I’ve heard ” Malik Riaz abandoned this project” yet it’s not officially confirmed.

but daily 1000s of vehicles are being diverted from alternated routes and the project site has become a symbol of  ” The Lost Clifton “

After Hindu Temple case filed and Bharia fellas paid back huge amount, things are pretty much quite.

At first there was no need to make Bharia Tower Icon at this location, pretty odd location, Malik Riaz had chosen Sea side like Hyper Star or Creek Vista but current location doesn’t suit.

Karachi needs Towers and Sky scrappers no doubt but building them on appropriate location depends on Engineers and City Planners so people shouldn’t face terrible difficulty while under construction.

There’s another view of this abandoned Clifton underpass and flyover project, to keep it Off from ” Terrorism ” any sort of mishap, the area is unreachable directly.

I am sure most of the people aren’t aware how this project’s site map looks. check the map below.

Click here to see the Site Map

Clifton underpass

Eventually, what will happen ? That’s the question …

Underpasses drilling has already damaged Hindu’s temple, so Bharia fellas going to give up on Underpass and built Flyovers.

These aren’t facilitating people as much those who will access Bharia Tower Icon.

whatever is the outcome, these days Clifton looks horrible.

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