Clifton Underpass Project Inauguration 2nd May 2015

Long awaited Clifton Under-pass is complete The Inauguration was supposed to take place on May 1st 2015, by Malik Riaz and Asif Ali Zardari ( Co-Chairman PPP ) however delayed for a day due to some technical reasons.

Karachi Administrator  saqib Ahmed Soomro said when Bahria Town started off Clifton Underpass Project, that the people of Karachi will forget Dubai,  – Yes Indeed very true seriously I forgot Dubai and rest of the world after witnessing cheap work quality and Bathroom tiles work.Clifton Underpass

The Project is complete but the fine tuning and the quality remains doubtful. 

Clifton Underpass

I am sure Bahira Town fellas don’t have Quality Control department, after witnessing the image above.Clifton Underpass

Clifton Under-pass  project, 24 hours shift work is being done at the final stages, considering the image which Bahria Town portrayed and what this project actually looks like is completely opposite. Clifton Underpass is pretty puzzling and Road Lanes aren’t wide enough. Walls are white hope they do something about it, else this project looks like a widow.

The Project was delayed by Hindu Community’s Temple which is next to it, when driller bought the earthquake to the temple after which 8 months Clifton represented Thar-Parker Senario. Now at-least Park Tower appears in civilized era.

The expected inauguration is tomorrow 2nd May 2015, with same fellas obviously – Stage is being prepared and sort of Music concert or something might take place, to cheer up Clifton / DHA residents.

We’ve seen better projects in Mustafa Kamal’s era, there’s no need to forget Dubai, Karachi needs to revive at the speed of light to match with Lahore and Islamabad in next 5 years atleast. Just want to thank Malik Riaz for the completion of this project because the old-clifton’s image has been messed up !

I Miss Old Clifton ? Do You

Don’t forget to share your views, If you have visited personally :)


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