Developing Story – A possible Cyclone Chapala development can be seen in Arabian sea from 16th September 2015,  Forcasting models shows Cyclone chapala development in South China heading toward Bay of Bengal.  Confirming the strong pulse thousands of miles away from Pakistan’s coastal area.

However, by 20th September 2015 – Cyclone Chapala gets near and enter in Arabian Sea Off  Coast of Mumbai including Pakistani coastal areas like Thatta and Badin.

Weather Forecast page member shared some Intel Majid Nasim Ahmad Not only rains are forecast, but boiling hot weather is expected as a result of “cut off of sea breeze” from Cyclone Chapala from September 18th in Karachi / Sindh. Temperatures may reach 40C or more in Karachi. 

You might recall what happened last time in Karachi in June 21, 2015. The temperature in Karachi went to 45.5C and 1200 people died as a result, because there was a tropical depression in the Arabian Sea and PMD gave the media information that “sea breeze had been cut off to Karachi”, so the heat index had gone up to very high level in Karachi. Same case might happen now I just hope it won’t get too hot, In shaa Allah, but we will get beneficial rains.

Weather Updates PK Page Admin updates – We are tracking a possible Cyclone development in Arabian Sea for past 4 days after analyzing many Forecasting Models for past 4 days it is now confirmed that A strong Pulse 1000s of Miles away from South China Sea will enter into Bay of Bengal by 14th Sep 2015 where it is likely to stay for almost 48hours and gaining more strength over the Deep and Heated Waters of Bay of Bengal by 16th sep the Strengthening Core of the System will start travelling towards east Via indian Mainland (i.e Towards Arabian Sea).

But due to presence of Monsoon Moisture and September Heated Conditions this core will keep gaining strength even on Land Surface by 19th sep it will enter into Arabian Sea off Coast Mumbai  then again due to heavy Moisture presence over Arabian Sea the already very Strong Core will develop into a Cyclone by 20th Sep 2015.

Cyclone Chapala predicted model

Cyclone Chapala

Now the Interesting thing is that Due to a Presence of High Pressure Ridge over Iran / Oman Region and the strengthening shamal winds this Cyclone AS PER CURRENT Models is likely to Hit Thatta, Badin and Karachi with Hurricane Force winds and heavy to Very heavy Rainfall on 22nd september 2015.

There’s no need to panic at this moment as the heatwave continues in Karachi once again, There won’t be any showers in upcoming week. Meanwhile Temperature might sore a bit.



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