Dharna Peaceful Protest but Politicians beaten out side Bilawal House

Karachi : Started off from the evening Sunday dharna ( Peaceful Protest ) outside Bilawal House while the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and Chairman Pakistan People Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari were inside.

Dharna was right exactly outside on the round about known as ( Bilawal Chowrangi ) where Shia Muslims showed the solidarity with Hazara Community.

Being myself there at the Dharna (Sit In) I was able to closely monitor the situation, which at first seemed little tensed and stressed just because majority of the males were youngsters and ladies were mostly with the families with their children, lit up the candles and Chanted.

While talking to the police squad there, Police said they have no orders as yet, since same Dharna is taking place is various areas in Karachi as well as Hyderabad on Superhighway which jammed the traffic from Karachi to entire Pakistan in which routes to Balochistan and Punjab are prompt.

Many politicians arrived to show the solidarity with the Shia Muslims meanwhile, Sharjeel Memon and Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq who arrived at midnight hour ( Wrong Entry ) as I define, came and directly went on the stage and grabbed the Mic without talking to anyone,that resulted youngsters beaten  Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq ( Sindh Education Minister ) and Sharjeel Memon both got them off the stage and start throwing water bottles, cans even bricks on the vehicles, Their guards failed to protect them completely.

Youngsters, Blocked the main Shahrah-e-Roomi by parking the vehicles, on which DIG Police with squad stopped and asked, matter which I personally assured him that vehicles will be removed just as it took a little time to move the parked vehicles, Sharmila Farooqui’s Vehicle along with patrolling vehicle were behind awaiting for the road to get cleared, after a while both got the way to pass on without any trouble.However, both gentlemen left as quick as possible from the scene, that moment It seemed tensed that Police and the Rangers forces on the spot might take some serious action but they resisted since it was not there call. 

Youngsters carried on their activities, securing the circle, checking every person who entered alone while families were served with Water,Tea,Biscuits and proper sitting place on the road. Local Media coverage was present at the scene almost all the channel crew van was  standing and camera’s were placed recording entirely.


At one moment Youngster when on Bilawal Chorangi and took Pakistani Flag down, Totally unethical and Raged Anger within me when I asked fellow men there, what are they doing this for? said they are trying to set ( ALM ) up there  on which many other showed anger and after a while a loud call from the stage from their senior to set the flag  and saying we are not here to place ( ALM ) but show the solidarity and demanding Justice, Peaceful Protest, later the Pakistan’s Flag was raised high as before, even on this issue Police stood quiet, but SDM said it was the chance we would have taken them in the custody but resisted.

The images I took, I shared right from the spot on Twitter and Friends helped me to Retweet others, I appreciate their help in such Choas when It’s very difficult to stand at one place.

Dharna continues even after Fajr Prayer, but majority of the people specially families were gone back, one of the reason most of them went back is when Youngsters start beating two political figures for no reason, Speaking with the families they said they are here to protest peacefully but youngsters are sort of Rebel it’s not safe to be here when police and rangers is all around anything can  happen.

Mobile phone service suspended in Karachi through out city, I wonder why and what for specially at midnight and morning hours when there’s no terror threat, overall the protest was peaceful and both coordinated Police and the People managed the situation.


While talking to the SDM  Mr.Shaikh said “I am here since 15 hours and still I cannot say for how long this will carry on because in the morning if the road kept blocked than it would be difficult for the people those who has to go for the job ”

Private Schools are off today on monday and yet there’s no specific time when mobile phones will be restored.


Video Uploaded : https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10151258475339495

Available on INCPak Facebook Page !

Farhan Imaan

INCPak. – Voice Of the People



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