Dr. Vishal Believe His Sister Nimerta Was Murdered

LARAKANA: Dr. Vishal believe his sister Nimerta was murdered. Earlier it was being looked at as possible case of suicide.

Nimerta’s brother who is a doctor himself said he examined the body of his sister and believe she was murdered.

Dr. Vishal said he has done forensic studies himself and can tell it was not a suicide. He said in such suicide case there is a “V” shape mark around the neck, which was not in Nimertas’ case.

He also said the student who first saw her said there was a scarf (Dupatta) around her neck. The brother then went on to say he noticed a mark as if she was strangled with a cable wire not that of a scarf.

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The brother wants to have postmortem done from Agha Khan Hospital on his own expenses as he said we trust the hospital.

Dr. Vishal also said he had spoken to his sister few days back and she seemed fine and happy.

He also said the University management also informed that she had been distributing sweets in the university around 12:30 noon same day. She was found dead at 2:00 pm.

He also questioned he does not understand what could have happened in just few hours.

A Big Question Mark on Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University

The credibility of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University is at stake.

People have started saying the university has failed. A student was murdered with in the university premises and the institute has failed to provided a proper security system.

There is Also Hate Element Circulating on Social Media

There are some people who are trying to spread hatred. Some are trying to bring in religion.

Pakistan Stands With Nimerta


Pakistani people however stand with Nimerta. Social media is trending with “Justice For Nimerta.”

No matter what religion, or cast Nimerta was a daughter of Pakistan and entire nation stand with Dr. Vishal and the entire family.

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